Separate clothes into two types of quality

A Grade

This bag is for the hidden gems

For the shirt that still has the tag on it

For the dress you wore to a wedding once

For the shoes you got as a gift and hate

For the leather belt that shrunk over Christmas

For the wool jumper that is really too hot to wear in QLD

For the designer dress that you liked in the shop but not at home

And anything else that would be snapped up quickly at a clothing swap

B Grade

This bag is for the clothes that still have life in them

For your favourite skirt that doesn’t fit post-Christmas

For the pants your kid’s legs are too long for

For the shoes you wore to Splendour too many times

For the jacket you rocked every weekend for years

For the jumper that has gone fuzzy around the seams

For the jeans spilling out of your drawers

Need more help with sorting?

Try our sorting tool to get a better idea on quality donations.

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