Getting to know O-it

Clothing is a way to express who we are and make us feel confident! So it’s no surprise that Australians love fashion but trends come and go so fast that on average we buy 27kg of new clothes each year. You’re thinking ‘no way I don’t have the space for that much clothing!’ Well, unfortunately 85% or our no longer loved clothes will end up in landfill and most of our fast fashion faves are made of synthetic fibres that aren’t biodegradable. We want to change that!

O-it is all about promoting sustainability through circular fashion. A big way of doing that is to encourage donation of pre-loved clothes and shifting the way people see op shops. Australians already do a great job donating clothes with 780,000 tonnes being donated to charities each year, but we can do more and we’re here to help you do that.

We came onto the scene with a pop (literally!). We opened a pop-up shop in Brisbane in early 2020. It lasted 2 weeks and the love that we received from the passionate op shoppers and locals made us know we were onto something and that we needed to push forward with our cause. 

The pandemic did throw a bit of a spanner in the works putting some of our plans on hold but not our online store. We are now up and running- ready to inspire op shopping across the country. We have a bunch of awesome stock leftover from our pop-up including dresses, shirts (both mens and womens), shorts, pants and skirts – with more coming in! Just to sweeten the deal more all our proceeds goes back to National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations charities.

We have more exciting news coming so keep your eyes peeled on our instagram and facebook.